Adam Drue King is a technologist and creative whose work focuses on digital justice, broadband deployment, and community-led innovation as a means for community and economic development in Northeast Ohio, and beyond.

Adam has experience establishing broadband network solutions in close to fifty locations nationwide. He has consulted on broadband solutions for municipalities, architected networks for campuses, and deployed open and closed networks in commercial spaces since 2013. These networks range from multi-million dollar county-wide broadband deployment for up to 750,000 users in a southern state, to an ultra-fast wireless mesh solution covering a 6-acre corporate campus with over 1,000 on-site staff, to a wireless system over several floors at a large church.

As Director of Neighborhood Partnerships & Equity at a Cleveland nonprofit, Adam drove the mission of making Greater Cleveland’s digital future more equitable and helped shepherd in a primary initiative delivering wireless internet to un- and underconnected communities in Cleveland. Relationship building with organizations and individuals is an integral piece of his approach work.

His ongoing projects and areas of interest include: pursuing the activation of public spaces in nontraditional ways through his Jikoo initiative, continuing to help lower the bar for entry into the digital age, promoting digital justice, and powering-with residents and neighborhoods to ensure access to tools of technology and innovation. He is currently consulting on multiple initiatives, including an international initiative to leverage virtual power plants as a means to support a green economy, and a national movement to community ownership of broadband networks and infrastructures.

Adam brings passion, commitment, and creativity to all of his efforts as he strives toward his vision for a more activated, connected and just world. King holds technical certificates from Microsoft and Google, is a nationally sought out expert and speaker on the topics of technology and digital justice.